The campaigns listed on our website directly reached out to the Hinckley Institute for interns and volunteers. If your campaign is interested in working with Hinckley Interns, please apply  under "Become an Approved 2016 Campaign." 

Catherine Kanter for Salt Lake County Council At Large B


The Kanter for Council campaign is a county-wide race. If Catherine wins, it will not only lead to a democratic majority on the Council, but it would also be the first time there would be three women on the Council (out of nine total council members); currently there are seven men and two women on the Salt Lake County Council. There are over 1 million residents in Salt Lake County, and given the many cities/townships within the County, the Kanter for Council campaign team needs both interns and volunteers this summer and fall.

Party Affiliation


Areas of Specialization

Finance (fundraising), marketing, or communication.


The campaign intern’s specific roles and responsibilities are flexible, depending upon the interests of the intern and needs of the campaign. Responsibilities may include any or all of the following:

  • Assist with maintaining donor and volunteer records
  • Assist with issue research Assist with social media projects
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Recruit potential campaign event hosts
  • Assist with voter targeting and GOTV efforts
  • Assist with maintaining the campaign event calendar
  • Assist with the planning and execution of campaign events.

Qualifications of an Ideal applicant

  • College student or college graduate
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Research and analytical skills
  • Ability to effectively manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Ability to work in and contribute to a highly collaborative, team environment