The 6 Steps to Success

For 50 years, the Hinckley Institute has taken immense pride in fortifying student resumes. Our dedicated students secure top graduate schools and job placements—often ahead of their Ivy League peers. 


We strongly recommend that you also drop by our office to speak with one of our student staff regarding your interests and ambitions. 

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The Hinckley Institute does NOT have a minimum GPA requirement. This is just so we can inform you of applicable scholarship opportunities.
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Regardless of your discipline of interest, strong communication skills are critical to nailing your applications and career success. 


Fortunately, the Hinckley Institute offers a celebrated course, POLS 3910, that will take your strategic writing and speaking to the next level.  This course additionally exposes students to diverse perspectives on current events and political and social issues. Students attend a variety of Hinckley Forums featuring academics, policymakers, diplomats, authors, and other public officials. 

Good marks in this course will fast track your applications to our internship programs. 



Strong grades and test scores are no longer enough to be competitive in today’s applicant pool. Indeed, a recent study found that 91% of employers look for graduates who have completed 1-2 internships and frequently weigh internship experience over GPA. 

Our top students graduate with 3, 4, even 5 internships and frequently trump their Ivy League counterparts in securing top-ranked graduate school placement and funding. Let’s say, your dream is to attend Johns Hopkins Medical School. We can help you secure a local internship with the American Heart Association, a paid DC internship with the Office of the Surgeon General, and an affordable global internship with the South African Parliament where you can emphasize your interest in health initiatives. Your resulting resume will command attention. We have the connections to forge an equally prestigious path for University of Utah students of all disciplines. 

Our Recommended Pathway:

  1. Freshman Year: Forum Series Course (POLS 3910)
  2. Freshman Year: Local Internship
  3. Sophomore Year: Global Internship
  4. Junior Year: DC / State Legislature (ideal for positioning for job post-graduation)
  5. Senior Year: DC / State Legislature (ideal for positioning for job post-graduation)


The Hinckley Institute is proud to offer elite seminars on par with those available at Ivy League institutions. We encourage students from all disciplines to apply. These mentorships can provide gateways into further work with our Hinckley Scholars and strong letters of recommendation.

Ambassador John Price Think Tank

Hinckley Institute’s Resident Scholar John Price served as the Ambassador to the Republic of Mauritius, the Republic of Seychelles, and the Union of Comoros from 2002-2005. This think tank is reserved for 10 students and focuses on foreign policy as it relates to Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.


The University of Utah is one of the few institutions that actively publishes undergraduate research papers. The Hinckley Institute offers multiple avenues towards achieving this goal and even helps students secure funding for their research

The Hinckley Journal of Politics 

The Hinckley Journal is the only undergraduate-run journal of politics in the nation and strives to publish scholarly papers of exceptional caliber in the fields of politics, government, international relations, and humanitarian aid. Published authors receive a cash prize. To learn more about submitting a paper, click here. You can also apply to serve on the Journal's editorial board. 

The HINCKLEY / UROP / HONORS trifecta 

Hinckley students with foresight turn their Hinckley internship research assignment into an honors thesis and/or the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program, which offers up to $1,800 in funding and an official "Undergraduate Research Scholar Designation."


The Hinckley Institute also fosters relationships with global publications and frequently helps students position themselves for publication. 


Leadership/service experience is critical on a resume. The Hinckley Institute offers regular support to a wide range of student leaders.