The campaigns listed on our website directly reached out to the Hinckley Institute for interns and volunteers. If your campaign is interested in working with Hinckley Interns, please apply  under "Become an Approved 2016 Campaign." 

Cindee Beard for State House


I am a resident of Stansbury Park where I live with my husband of 16 years. We are parents to six children, three boys & three girls. I currently work full-time for a medical billing software company and recently graduated from the University of Utah with my bachelor's degree in Political Science. I also have an Associates Degree in Business. I am familiar with the Hinckley Institute of Politics because I completed two successful internships with the United States Surgeon General's Office and with the Utah State Legislature. I have lived in Utah for most of my life and love many things our great state has to offer...but it can be better. We need more funding for education, full Medicaid expansion, and to implement legislation that will improve our air and water quality.

Party Affiliation


Areas of Specialization

  • Fundraising
  • Social Media
  • Field Organizing


Responsibilities would include researching and updating content on social media sites, assisting in fundraising activities, and coordinating volunteers for canvassing and social events.

Qualifications of an Ideal applicant

Must be social media savvy, outgoing, and dependable.