"Acceptance committees and hiring panels will be impressed by how quickly I graduate."

FALSE: Acceptance committees and hiring panels don't care if you graduate in four years or less. They care how many prestigious accolades / experiences you achieve during your studies. Extending a semester or year can empower you to add a dual major / minor, leadership roles, and, most importantly, internships.


"I can't afford to intern."

FALSE: The Hinckley Institute is committed to providing financially feasible options for prospective interns. Each year, the Hinckley Institute distributes $430,000 in internship scholarships. We also offer a low-interest loan.


"I messed up my GPA. There is nothing I can do to redeem my future."

FALSE: The Hinckley Institute has helped countless students significantly improve their GPA and prospects through extended mentoring and an intensive series of internships. Many of these students have even gone on to clinch their dream graduate schools and careers. 


"I'm not competitive enough to secure a Hinckley Internship."

FALSE: We encourage students with lower GPAs to start with the Forum Series (HNKLY 3910) course (so that we can strengthen your writing) or with a local internship. After you have proven yourself in these capacities, you have a much stronger change of securing a national or global internship.


"GPA and test scores are everything."

FALSE: Students who add multiple prestigious internship experiences to their resumes often out place students who focus solely on GPA and test scores. 


"I don't have time to intern."

FALSE: The Hinckley Institute finds interning solutions for everyone from law students to student athletes. Our local internships are highly feasible for students of all disciplines and demands. Our internships are also available every semester. We even place students in internships one semester after graduation (but students still have to register for credit).   


"A study abroad is just as impressive as an internship."

FALSE: While learning abroad programs offer an enriched academic experience, they do not provide the prestige that is inherent to internships. In fact, we sometimes coach our students to omit listing study abroad semesters from their resumes unless they provided relevant experience.


"Only graduate students can be published."

FALSE: The University of Utah is unique even among Ivy League schools in undergraduate publishing opportunities. The Hinckley Institute offers multiple avenues towards publishing including in the Hinckley Journal of Politics and through external publications. 


"Hinckley internships are only available for political science majors." 

FALSE: The Hinckley Institute places just as many non-political science students as we do political science students. We offer internships with a wide range of host offices. Furthermore, the Hinckley Institute supports students who want to set up their own internship with credit and even offers funding opportunities. 


"Because I'm not getting my undergraduate at an Ivy League school, I don't have a chance of getting my dream job."

FALSE: Celebrated author and thinker Malcolm Gladwell's findings confirm that it is far better for undergraduates to be a "big fish" within the University of Utah and Hinckley Institute than a "little fish" at an Ivy League school. Why? Our motivated students have dozens more opportunities to acquire prestigious internships, think tanks, and scholarships than those vying against intensely competitive cohorts. The result is that Hinckley Institute student resumes frequently exceed those of their Ivy League counterparts when it comes to securing top graduate schools and positions.


"I'm just a freshman. I'm too young to intern."

FALSE: Our top students start accruing Hinckley internships their freshman year. Internships are a great way to test out your interest in a discipline before committing to a major. We also strongly encourage freshman to take our Forum Series (HNKLY 3910) course to strengthen their writing skills.