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Elizabeth Weight for State House


This is a campaign to elect the candidate (Elizabeth Weight) to the Utah House of Representatives from District 31. The district is located all in West Valley City, basically from about 1000 West to 7200 West and north of 3500 South. This area includes 20 precincts, about half of them new to the district in the 2010 redistricting, and is extremely diverse demographically. As a teacher and candidate, I am interested in acknowledging residents and the issues they face in their families, jobs, and neighborhoods and sharing ideas about how to address their issues. Particularly in the western portion of the district, residents have limited awareness of and engagement in local and state politics, so another objective is to increase voter registration and residents' sense of the value of their participation. My outreach and conversations so far indicate people in this district are ready and waiting for the invitation to take action and support a candidate who will be a true representative and spokesperson for them.

Party Affiliation


Areas of Specialization

  • Field Organizer

  • Communication

  • Management


Work in this campaign includes regular discussions and meetings with constituents and community leaders, registering voters, signing up and following up with volunteers, participating in community events, organizing neighborhood events, and/or canvassing mapping and literature. As the candidate, I am particularly interested in the experiences and views of the people in my district and in engaging them in the process, as well as assuring that they vote.


Qualifications of an Ideal applicant

  • Interest, enthusiasm, and abilities to interact with people, particularly to "give them the floor" to express their views.

  • Skills and possible experience in organizing people, food, publicity, and  materials for social events, such as picnics.

  • Time-management and initiative, ability to commit and communicate about time frames, and gumption to help keep the candidate and volunteers in the right place at the right time.

  • Language/communication skills for roles as adviser and editor on campaign literature (with a candidate whose teaching area has been English Language Arts)

  • Interest and ability to learn various campaign tasks, including reminding the candidate to eat