The campaigns listed on our website directly reached out to the Hinckley Institute for interns and volunteers. If your campaign is interested in working with Hinckley Interns, please apply  under "Become an Approved 2016 Campaign." 

Gary Johnson for President


Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are the presidential candidates for the Libertarian Party in 2016. With the candidates from the Republican and Democrat parties not resonating in Utah, our campaign has a unique opportunity to earn unprecedented attention from Utah voters. As of the first week in September, national polls have Johnson Weld at 23% and the trend line is climbing. Both the National and Utah focused campaigns are being run out of our Salt Lake City and in the coming weeks we are anticipating a lot of attention being focused on our efforts. Our presidential candidates positions on limited government, social acceptance and a sound immigration policy are resonating with voters in a way that no other 3rd party has ever done before. Our campaign is full of volunteers from all over the country who are passionate about our candidate and are working tirelessly to push Gary Johnson onto the debate stage and into the White-house. We are using a large variety of campaign tools that we will be happy to train volunteers and interns on. These include Nationbuilder, Polis Politics, Northstar, Hustle and Glip as well as all of our traditional social media outreach methods such as Facebook, Meetup and Twitter. Our downtown office is extremely close to the University of Utah campus and provides a comfortable fun atmosphere while we are working hard phone banking, coordinating door knocking events and rallies with our regional volunteer coordinators all over the state of Utah. Utah, as a state, is ready and waiting for our message. We just have to be bold enough to get Gary's name in-front of as many people as possible from now until November to make it happen.

Party Affiliation


Areas of Specialization

  • Communication
  • Volunteer Coordination
  • Social Media
  • Database Management


Interns will be assisting our full-time staff with reaching out and coordinating efforts of volunteers across the state of Utah. Using Nationbuilder as our main database, there is a growing need within the campaign to keep our volunteers around the state focused on building support among the demographics we are targeting. Interns will be communicating mainly with Libertarian party members and those who have already reached out to the Gary Johnson campaign through the official website. Interns will also be utilized in planning, and coordinating the delivery of supplies to the outreach events across the state.

Qualifications of an IdeaL applicant

We are hoping to find people with strong personalities who are not afraid to make a lot of calls. Being able to quickly learn software, phone applications and on-line database tools will be a huge plus.