Ghana Jr. High Technology Project is a non-profit organization that provides Internet Based educational resources and instruction. The primary goals of the project are to increase the percentage of students attending school beyond the sixth grade, provide students research based learning activities, increase academic achievement for junior high students, increase the number of junior high graduates pursuing additional education/vocation training, and to provide global resources to classroom teachers to enhance teaching strategies.



This internship allows interns to tailor their internships to involve education, Instructional Technology, social work, business, and/or various social issues. This internship focuses on expanding the project in the Ghana Jr. High Technology Project and throughout Adankwame village. All interns, regardless of their focus, will be immersed into a different cultural and educational system.

For interns pursuing an education-based internship, focus will be on:

  • Assisting with data collection and analysis to help the Project  make educational data driven decisions
  • Establishing a data collection and analysis model that can be implemented and managed internally with quick turn around for making academic decisions
  • Helping teachers better understand the use of research based teaching and learning practices
  • Assisting with developing a village wide emphasis on school attendance and literacy
  • Exploring the potential for student-teacher placements at the junior high
  • Assisting with the school leadership in developing a budget to assist with fundraising and funding the ongoing costs of the project
  • Examining options available to post junior high school students to continue their educations

For interns pursuing a business-based internship, focus will be on:

  • Supporting the educational efforts identified by the Project
  • Establishing a business partnership model that will support the 'Sustaining the Technology' project
  • Assisting the school leadership with informing and educating the community about the value of education and funding the global resources provided by technology
  • Developing a business model for generating resources to sustain the technology project, such as cyber cafes, local crafts, etc.

For interns pursuing an IT based internship, focus will be on:

  • Supporting the education efforts identified in an education based internship
  • Assisting Thomas Appiah sustain and expand the resources and technology currently in place
  • Assisting teachers with the use of technology to enhance their teaching and student learning

For interns pursuing an Social Work based internship, focus will be on:

  • Supporting the educational efforts identified in an education-based internship
  • Assisting the community and school leadership with increasing school attendance ad understanding the benefits of education towards healthier communities
  • Assisting the community with access to social services




The project will assist with coordination of housing accommodations and has begun establishing viable housing options. Students are responsible for coordinating housing arrangements.



  • Academic Fee - $300
  • Tuition
  • Airfare
  • Vaccinations and Medications
  • Living Expenses


International interns are eligible to apply for the Hinckley Global Scholarship offered through the Hinckley Institute. Information can be found here. The Hinckley Institute also offers a low-interest loan program found here. In addition to funding through the Hinckley Institute, scholarships are available through the Center for Learning Abroad.


Internship dates may vary, depending on individual circumstances, but are built upon the academic school year at the University of Utah and the junior high school in Adankwame.

  • Fall Semester: September-December
  • Spring Semester: January-April
  • Summer Semester: May-August


Students are required to register for a minimum of 3 HNKLY credit hours and a maximum of 12. International interns are required to submit 4 reflections and 10 weekly updates throughout the semester, as well as write a final policy paper, which is due 4 weeks after the end of the semester. Students can tailor their internship on the topics outlined in the description.

Others as identified by Hinckley Institute Staff.


Students are required to attend a pre-departure orientation, which provides cultural and safety training and explanation of academic requirements. Students also meet with the program manager upon returning from the internship.


Please submit the Hinckley online application before the deadline and then email Global Internship Manager Jean Oh to set up an interview. During the interview you will receive more information on program specifics.