Hinckley-Backed Conference Opportunities


The annual Wheatley International Affairs Conference (WIAC) draws 100 students from across the United States, offering opportunities to learn from and interact with experts in international affairs in a context that facilitates networking, first-rate instruction, energetic exchanges of ideas, and collaborative work on policy issues. This year, WIAC will address a variety of issues concerning Religion and World Affairs.

Host: Brigham Young University

Schedule: Spring 2018

Hinckley Contact: Gerrit Seymour


The Hinckley Institute is a member of a consortium of 24 schools around the country working to promote voting and civic engagement on their college campuses. Each fall, Harvard hosts a conference bringing representatives from these campuses to attend skills workshops, share the work they have done in the past year to promote civic engagement at their schools, and brainstorm ways to get students all over the country excited and politically and civically engaged.

Host: Harvard Institute of Politics

Schedule: Spring 2018

Hinckley Contact: Managing Director, National Internships: Gina Shipley

OXFORD CONFERENCE—Oxford, United Kingdom

The Oxford Human Rights Consortium is a newly-founded organization of several participating universities dedicated to establishing and promoting educational opportunities for students on topics related to humanitarian law, aid, development, politics, ethics, and theory.

Host: Oxford University

Schedule: March 12-17, 2018

Hinckley Contact: Managing Director, Global Internships: Jean Oh

OXFORD CONFERENCE—Geneva, Switzerland

Study humanitarian law and ethical systems of international refugee policy, deepen connections of policy to people via service and fieldwork in a refugee camp. Meetings in Geneva will be held for one week at the Graduate Institute, Geneva, and will address the topics of migrants, refugee healthcare, economic security, sexual violence, water and habitat, and humanitarian policy. Following Geneva, students will spend ten days in service-learning and meetings with refugees and staff at Elpida Home outside of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Host: Oxford University, Graduate Institute of Geneva, and Elpida Home in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Schedule: June 18-July 5, 2017

Hinckley Contact: Managing Director, Global Internships Jean Oh


Hundreds of change makers, activists, and catalysts convene to learn about power, build their networks, and recharge their sense of purpose. 

Host: Citizen University in Seattle, Washington

Schedule: March 24-25, 2017

Hinckley Contact: Gerrit Seymour