In partnership with the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, the Hinckley Institute of Politics is working to identify the most important issues on voters' minds, analyze these issues, and host candidate conversations to both engage and inform the pubic. 

Focus Groups

The Gardner Policy Institute hosted a series of focus groups to identify critical issues affecting the state and probe participants about policy options. 

Election Briefs

Informed Decisions 2016 will include several Election Briefs that explain issue's importance, findings from focus groups, data implications, and policy options.

Candidate Conversations

The Candidate Conversations feature extended discussions with candidates in a town hall format. Ask questions and follow along on Twitter using #ID2016. 

Our intent is to engage the public and learn what’s on their minds. We will then ask candidates about their approaches to the most important issues of our day—education, tax policy, infrastructure investment, and other vital issues impacting Utah.
— Natalie Gochnour, Gardner Policy Institute Director
Elections are about the future and the ideas that will propel our state forward. We’re excited to combine the energies and talent of both the Hinckley Institute and Gardner Policy Institute to engage the public, analyze issues, convene candidates, and ultimately, help the public make informed decisions.
— Jason Perry, Hinckley Institute of Politics Director