Affordable DC Internships

The Hinckley Institute boasts one of the nation's longest-standing DC internship programs, dating back to 1965. Most university-run Washington, DC, internship programs charge students thousands of dollars to participate in their programs. The Hinckley Institute, however, has forged a program where a student’s financial status should not inhibit his or her ability to serve.  Accordingly, the Hinckley Institute guarantees students a national leading MINIMUM scholarship of approximately $850/month to cover living expenses. In addition, the Hinckley Institute heavily subsidizes housing costs. (Total rent cost is $800/month, the HIP covers $400/month and charges the student $400/month). National interns are also eligible for low-interest loan funding. 

Affordable Global Internships

Most global internship programs are fielded through private entities, which dramatically increases the price point. The Hinckley Institute forges independent ties with host offices across the globe in order to keep global internships affordable for students. Global interns are also eligible for significant scholarship and low-interest loan funding.