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Jeff Silvestrini for Millcreek City Mayor


In 2015, the voters of Millcreek decided to incorporate the community into a new city. At approximately 63,000 residents, this city will be one of the largest cities in the state. Jeff Silvestrini has been a community advocate for almost 20 years, spokesperson for the first incorporation campaign, and chair of the Millcreek Township Council. Through these and many other volunteer boards, including the Foothills and Canyons Blue Ribbon Commission, Jeff has worked and lobbied for the adoption of statutes, ordinances and policies to preserve and improve the quality of life in Millcreek and the natural beauty of its environment. In the trenches, Jeff has helped to solve hundreds of concerns expressed by Millcreek residents, from speeding to zoning issues, from street repairs to code violations. Jeff want's to continue to serve Millcreek's residents as Mayor of the city of Millcreek. He is the most qualified candidate in the field because of his history of community service, his contacts in state and local government, his legal training, his negotiating skills, and his institutional knowledge of all things Millcreek. He has the experience, skills and expertise, and with your help, we can together get our new city up and running.

Party Affiliation


Areas of Specialization

  • Field Organizer
  • Communication
  • Management




  • Manage the field and volunteer programs for the Jeff 4 Millcreek Campaign
  • Update field plan
  • Manage yard signs
  • Manage phone banking activities
  • Attend events and manage associated activities

Qualifications of an Ideal applicant

  • Passionate
  • Dedicated
  • Dependable
  • Funny