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Jem Keller for Millcreek City Council District 3


The newly incorporated city of Millcreek will hold non-partisan elections this year for its first-ever city council! Eight individuals have declared their candidacy for Millcreek City Council District 3. Voting for the primary election begins by mail in May 2016, and concludes with in-person voting on June 28th. Join the Jem Keller Campaign and put your knowledge and education on the campaign trail this spring and summer! Jem Keller has long served District 3, having been publicly elected to the Mt. Olympus Community Council twice. Her tenure on that body is more than 10 years. She also was on the executive body that helped create the Millcreek Township Council – where all four community councils meet every month. Jem has served for four years on the Millcreek Township Council as a representative of Mt. Olympus. In addition to these community service commitments, Jem Keller has volunteered at many Millcreek events including: Venture Outdoors, Millcreek Movie Nights, Emergency Prepare Fair, Night Out Against Crime, Purge Your Spurge, and other Millcreek events. Please visit for more information.

Party Affiliation


Areas of Specialization

  • Database management

  • Field operations

  • Social media management

  • Door to door campaigning and phone banking


Responsibilities include assisting with database entries of District 3 volunteers, management of social media, door to door campaigning with the candidate, helping to set the agenda for the calendar of events, organizing and scheduling pledged volunteers.

Qualifications of an Ideal applicant

This is going to be a fun campaign! There are EIGHT candidates in this field for District 3 Millcreek City, and we need to get all ideas moving forward for the primary. The in-person vote is June 28th, but vote-by-mail ballots will go out at the end of May - which drastically reduces the campaigning time. The ideal intern or volunteer will have great energy, be enthusiastic and come with solid ideas. This candidate(s) is timely, punctual and friendly both face to face and on the phone. Thank you for considering working for Jem Keller!