Set Up Your Own Internship


Hinckley student Nelson Warr wanted to intern with El Salvador’s Chamber of Commerce so he contacted the senior commercial officer and secured an interview. He was still eligible for $1,500 of Hinckley Institute funding as well as up to 12 credit hours.

The Hinckley Institute of Politics is committed to providing students unrivaled internship experiences. Accordingly, if a student secures a placement with an eligible office on their own, we can still offer credit and even funding opportunities. In order to be eligible, the internship must meet the following qualifications:

The Hinckley Institute will review the internship proposal and approve it for credit. If approved, the Hinckley Institute will monitor the internship and send an evaluation to the intern supervisor at the end of the internship. Hinckley Interns are required to register for the POLI-SCI 4900 “Political Internship” class during the semester of their internship. Students may register for 3-6 credit hours for local internships and 3-12 credit hours for international; Washington, DC; and state legislative internships. Academic credit is obtained by fulfilling a successful internship, writing a research paper and book review, attending mandatory meetings, and receiving a positive supervisor evaluation.

If you have set up your own internship, please click here to fill out our expedited application.

For more information, please contact one of our program managers:

Courtney McBeth (global internships):

Gina Shipley (national internships):

Morgan Lyon Cotti (local internships):

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2014 semester internships. Apply now.