Matheson Leadership Scholarship

The Matheson Leadership Forum was established to honor Scott M. Matheson, former Governor of Utah. The Matheson Leadership Forum is offering two $5,000 scholarships for students who exhibit outstanding leadership potential.


The Matheson Leadership Forum scholarships are available to students entering their senior year of undergraduate studies at the University of Utah. The committee expects that each applicant will have completed 90 credit hours before the beginning of the Fall Semester the scholarship is awarded. Students of any academic discipline are eligible to apply. Students are eligible to apply only once for the scholarship.

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For More Info 

If you have specific questions, contact the Hinckley Institute at 801-581-8501 for additional information.

Previous Recipients

2016: Katie Crawford and Anthony Fratto Oyler

2015: Cindy Chen

2015: Georgie Zamantakis

2014: Kendahl Melvin

2014: Lisa Hawkins

2013: Jamison Gordon

2013: Max Stiefel

2012: Neena Pack

2012: Arthur Jessop

2011: Courtney Gwinn

2011: Whitney Benns

2010: Louis Gakumba

2010: Jonathan Ng

2009: Yasmeen Hussain

2009: Rochelle McConkie 

2008: Marko Mijic 

2008: Jamie Johnson

2007: Jared Kubly

2007: Johnathan Hayes

2006: Bryson B. Morgan

2006: Jeffrey Walker

2005: Alex Lowe

2005: Adam Cardwell

2004: Matthew Sanderson

2004: Jamie Sorenson

2003: Todd Ethington

2003: Michael Klepich

2002: Paul Arnold 

2002: Yelena Ayrapetova 

2002: Ben Lowe 

2002: Constance Thornley

2001: Arlyn Bradshaw 

2001: Brian Beesley 

2001: Brent Heber Olson 

2001: Kara Turner 

2000: Richard Gurgel 

2000:John Patrick Torgenson

1999: Eryn Caamano

1999: Ben McAdams

1998: Jeffrey Merchant

1997: Martha Poelman 

1997: Andrew Spencer

1996: Rachel Day 

1996: James Coles 

1995: Vandna Sinha 

1995: Lee Wright 

1995: Maxine Margaritis

1994: Wendy Evans 

1994: Amanda Williams 

1993: Paige Peterson 

1993: Kenneth Denos

1992: Donald Dunn

1992: Ross Romero

1991: Kurtis Kendell

1991: MaryLou Leyba Frank

1991: Paula Quenemoen

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