Most university-run Washington, DC, internship programs charge students thousands of dollars to participate in their programs. The Hinckley Institute, however, has created a program where a student’s financial status should not inhibit his or her ability to participate.  Accordingly, the Hinckley interest guarantees students a nationally-leading MINIMUM scholarship of  approximately $850/month to cover living expenses if their internship is unpaid. In addition, the Hinckley Institute heavily subsidizes housing costs. (Total rent cost is $800/month, the HIP covers $400/month and pays for utilities; students pay $400/month). Subsidized housing is available at Park Place Apartments for only $400/month. The apartments are located at 850 Quincy Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20011. Four to five students share a two-bedroom, furnished apartment. Occasionally, the Hinckley Institute allows non-University of Utah students to stay in the student apartments for $800/month. All students are required to put down a non-refundable $100 down payment before they occupy the apartments, which will be applied towards their rent.

Students should understand the costs associated with a DC internship and budget accordingly. Access the DC internship calculator to help you budget costs. Students are also eligible to apply for the Bill Rishel Loan which offers up to $2,500 a year to undergraduate students. The Bill Rishel Loan is low interest and students do not begin paying back the loan until after graduation.

Pay Rent

Hinckley interns living in Washington, D.C. can now pay their rent online. Click on the buttons below to access the payment portal.

Cleaning Deposit

Students can pay cleaning deposits online. Click the button below to access the payment portal.