AMOUNT: all summer program costs + $3,200 STIPEND

The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Summer Enrichment Program is a six-week summer program designed to provide undergraduate students with a deeper appreciation of current issues and trends in international affairs, a greater understanding of career opportunities in international affairs, and the enhanced knowledge and skills to pursue such careers. The Program usually selects 15-20 participants (known as “Rangel Scholars”) each year from universities throughout the United States. Students live at Howard University, attend classes, and participate in a variety of programs with foreign affairs professionals at Howard and at diverse locations around Washington, DC.

The Program has two major components. First, in order to enhance participants' academic preparation to work in international affairs, the Program provides two courses and a seminar that focus on enhancing knowledge and skills related to U.S. foreign policy, economics and writing. In addition, in order to provide greater insight into the foreign policy-making process and international affairs careers, the Rangel Program introduces the participants to a wide range of government and non-government professionals who work on global issues and also arranges visits to various institutions involved in international affairs. The Program also helps students explore graduate school, scholarship, fellowship, internship, and professional options in international affairs.

The Program covers the costs for tuition, travel, housing, and two meals per day. It also provides a stipend of $3,200. 


  • Be a U.S. citizen

  • Must be full time undergraduate students with at least sophomore status on the date of the application deadline

  • Minimum 3.2 GPA


  1. Submit online application


  1. Review all application requirements for the fellowship to ensure you are eligible and prepared.
  2. Clearly explain in your statement of interest your motivations for applying for the fellowship and identify the background, experiences, skills, and motivation that you believe will make you successful in the Foreign Service.
  3. Demonstrate a strong academic background.
  4. Obtain strong letters of recommendation.
  5. Include in your application all relevant extracurricular, community, or volunteer experiences and highlight any leadership roles in these efforts.
  6. List all relevant college or university honors and awards.
  7. Proofread all aspects of your application carefully; submit all application materials on time.
  8. Contact the Rangel Program staff if you have any questions after reviewing the website.


  • October: Online application opens
  • Early February: Online application due

number of recipients: 15-20