Robert H. Hinckley Graduate Scholarship

Robert H. Hinckley was a remarkable person who led by example and served his country well. Mr. Hinckley was the founder of the Hinckley Institute of Politics as well as a dedicated public servant in the Roosevelt and Truman Administrations. This graduate scholarship was established to encourage students in following his example of public service and political involvement.


One $3,500 scholarship will be awarded to a male graduate student who has significant experience in community involvement and commitment to a career in public service.

Application Form:

For More Info:

If you have specific questions, contact the Hinckley Institute at 581-8501 for additional information.

Previous Recipients:

2018: Ahmed Hamdy Khalaf Abdelaal

2017: Ben Seastrand

2016: Christopher Jensen

2015: Collin Bess

2014: Justin Zizumbo

2013: Cody Jenkins

2012: Kyle Gray

2011: Don Willie

2010: Shane Young

2009: Taylor Morgan

2009: Joseph Taggart

2008:Jesse Michael Nix

2007: Matt Lyon

2006: Chad Curtis

2005: James Bergstedt

2004: Micah Elggren

2003: Stephen L. Nelson

2002: P. Jeff Mulitalo

2001: Matthew Boyden

2001: Nathan Michael Pierce

2000: Dallis Nordstrom

2000: John Norman

1998: Chris Mcllroy

1997: Alpheus Mokogokolo

1997: W. Brett Graham

1996: Lee Andrew Wright

1995: Scott Finlinson

1994: Kenneth Denos

1993: Dennis Jolley

1992: Mark Hindley

1992: Clayton Morgan

1991: Matthew Anderson

1991: Mike Gehrke

1991: Stanford Barrett

1990: Matthew Durham

1986: Randall Snow

1985: Paul Pieper

1984: Jesse Gallegos

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