Scholarships & Loans



The Hinckley Institute is unique for offering interns substantial funding opportunities. Our mantra is that all students should be able to afford to participate in transformative academic experiences.


Students participating in a Hinckley Institute of Politics global internship are eligible for funding. Students may apply to receive an international cash award scholarship through the Hinckley Institute ranging from $500 to $5,000 to assist with tuition, travel, housing, and living expenses. Click here for the application.


All Washington, DC, interns are given a scholarship of approximately $800/month in addition to housing subsidized from $800/month to just $400/month. Some internship offices provide additional compensation.


Applications are due near the conclusion of your internship. Awardees will receive the scholarship funds after the internship has been completed.



The Hinckley Institute of Politics provides more than $720,000 in academic and internship scholarships to University of Utah students. Academic scholarships are offered once an academic year.

The Hinckley Institute of Politics provides more than $55,000 in academic scholarships to students. This year’s application deadline for the six scholarships listed below is March 7, 2014. 

The Hinckley Institute is also the University of Utah representative for two prestigious national scholarship competitions:

The Hinckley Institute also offers a low-interest loan program for students at the University of Utah. To find out how you can apply for the Bill Rishel Loan, click here.

We are now accepting applications for Fall 2014 semester internships. Apply now.