AMOUNT: Cost of graduate Study at yenching academy at Peking University

The Yenching Academy offers an intensive program of interdisciplinary classroom and field study of Chinese history and culture, as well as real-time issues in China’s development. As a college integrated within China’s leading university, the Yenching Academy prepares a diverse group of exceptional international and Chinese students with the knowledge of China that they need to fulfill their potential as global citizens and leaders.

The Yenching Scholarship is an intensive global leadership program designed to provide outstanding young scholars with a broad interdisciplinary graduate education that reflects global perspectives. The program is designed "to cultivate leaders who will advocate for global progress and cultural understanding."


  • Must have a bachelor's degree 

  • Under 26 years old


  1. Submit online application

More information:

Recipients will receive a Master of China Studies Degree with concentrations in one of the following:

  • Literature and Culture
  • History and Archaeology
  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Politics and International Relations
  • Economics and Management
  • Law and Society

Number of recipients: 20 us scholars