America’s Unofficial Ambassadors is a citizen diplomacy initiative, which builds mutual understanding and enhances people-to-people partnerships between America and the Muslim World. Interns work in the Muslim World and share their experiences upon their return.



Internship placements include schools and community-based organizations serving vital human development needs. A full list of Zanzibar placements can be found here. Official ambassadors serve full-time, working at the grassroots level in fields ranging from education and women’s empowerment to youth leadership and environmental conservation. As interns and citizen diplomats, they form the type of people-to-people partnerships that are the future of international relations, and specifically America’s relationship with the Muslim World.

In addition to intern responsibilities, participants must complete a pre-departure blog post, two in-country blogs, and a return blog submission.



There is no language requirement. 


In Zanzibar, unofficial ambassadors are housed in a private group house located in the heart of Stone Town, the capital of Zanzibar. Housing is equipped with a kitchen, bathrooms and wi-fi access..

At the same time, unofficial ambassadors study Kiswahili and engage in a host of cultural activities to broaden their exposure to their host country.

In Indonesia, Tajikistan, and Zanzibar, the program fee includes daily breakfast during the week as well as dinner cooked at the group housing three nights a week.



Costs include:

Early Application Fee: $3,690

Regular Program Fee: $3,875

Academic Fee - $300




Interns with AUA will automatically receive the $500 Mosaic Grant. 

International interns are eligible to apply for the Hinckley Global Scholarship offered through the Hinckley Institute. Information can be found here. The Hinckley Institute also offers a low-interest loan program found here. In addition to funding through the Hinckley Institute, scholarships are available through the Center for Learning Abroad.


Internship dates may vary depending upon location but are based around the academic calendar:

  • Fall Semester: September-December
  • Spring Semester: January-April
  • Summer Semester: May-August


Students are required to register for a minimum of 3 HNKLY credit hours and a maximum of 12. International interns are required to submit 4 reflections and 10 weekly updates throughout the semester, as well as write a final policy paper, which is due 4 weeks after the end of the semester.


Students are required to attend a pre-departure orientation, which provides cultural and safety training and explanation of academic requirements. Students also meet with the program manager upon returning from the internship.


Please submit the Hinckley online application before the deadline and then email Global Internship Manager Courtney McBeth to set up an interview. During the interview you will receive more information on program specifics.