Abrelia C. Hinckley Graduate Scholarship

The Abrelia C. Hinckley Graduate Scholarship was established to encourage students to follow her example of public service and political involvement. A remarkable woman, she combined devotion to her family with true patriotism and a commitment to politics and citizen participation. As the wife of Robert H. Hinckley, she encouraged him to create the Hinckley Institute of Politics. This scholarship is awarded to exceptional women who emulate the values of Abrelia C. Hinckley through their interest in political engagement and public service.


The Hinckley Institute will award this $3,500 scholarship to an outstanding graduate student who meets the following criteria:

  • Strong acedmic standing in any discipline at the University of Utah

  • Female graduate student

  • Full-time student who will maintain full-time student status at the University of Utah throughout the upcoming academic year.

  • Demonstrate experience in community involvement.

  • Demonstrate a commitment to pursing a career in public service.

  • Must be a U.S. citizen, lawfully present in the U.S., or have graduate from a Utah high school.

If you have specific questions or would like additional information, contact the Hinckley Institute at 801-581-8501

Application Requirements

  • Resume

  • Letter of Recommendation (from a professor or professional work supervisor)

  • Transcript (unofficial is acceptable)

  • Essay (prompt provided in application)

Scholarship decisions will be made before the end of spring semester. Funding will be released through the University of Utah Financial Aid & Scholarship Office and will be credited to outstanding tuition balances; excess funds will be refunded to the student


March 1, 2019

Previous Recipients

2019: Katherine Abarca

2018: Brianne Aglaure

2017: Rebecca Rasmussen

2016: Andrea Soleta

2015: Elizabeth Thomas

2014: Anna Solomon

2013: Ellesse S. Balli

2011: Gina Seastrand

2010: Nancy Vu

2009: Breanne Miller

2008: Daisy Krakowiak

2007: Jessica Andrews

2006: Megan Anderson

2005: Courtney McBeth

2003: Amy Noel Gibbons, 

2002: Amy Sanchez, Julie Jensen Nelson, 

2001: Grace Taylor

2000: Emily Kaye Macdonald Merchant

1999: Jennifer Lynn Robinson, Jean Ashby, Helen Langan

1998: Heather Cornaby, Kellie Daniels

1997: Adrianne Goldsmith

1996: Xanthe Larsen

1995: Lindy Clarissa Ward

1993: Jennifer Beer

1992: Bridget Hintze

1991: Heidi Sorenson, Georgia Yardley

1990: Jaqualin Friend

1986: Sherilee Scoffeild

1985: Mirium Onyeabor

1984: Patricia Geary

1983: Renee Morita, Allison Sadre

1982: Laverne Snow, Kelly Vance, Jodi Kay Knobel, Susan Gorey Deisley

1981: Lisa Michelle Hunt Church

1980: Jill Etterlein Carter

1979: Kathleen Flake

1978: Suzanne Marelius

1977: Joan Draper

1976: Beth Jarman


The Hinckley Institute of Politics has opened doors to successful careers in the public and private sectors for over 8,000 former interns and scholarship winners. Help provide opportunities to current students by giving back to the Hinckley Institute.