May 2017 Alumni Spotlight: Wayne Horiuchi


Wayne Horiuchi is a Hinckley alumnus that graduated in 1970. Because of his experience with the Hinckley, he generously provides an annual scholarship to one of our interns traveling to Washington, D.C.

Q: When did you graduate?

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in 1970. I finished my master’s degree in 1972.

Q: How did the Hinckley impact your undergraduate education?

The Hinckley Institute introduced me to an entire field of interest that later became my career vocation. Government and Politics coupled to my extracurricular involvement in the University of Utah debate team became the precursor to a career as a legislative advocate. Even though I now call myself a “recovering lobbyist,” lobbying was a career that became very much a part of my life for over 40 years. I represented the Japanese American Citizens League in Washington, D.C., Weber County Commission before the Utah State Legislature, and Special Representative for Union Pacific Railroad before federal, state, and local bodies in California and Nevada.

Q: What is your favorite Hinckley memory?

Challenging the Executive Director of the Hinckley Institute, Dr. J.D. Williams, while I was a cadet in the ROTC during an ROTC forum whose topic was the War in Vietnam. That was an important moment for me.

Q: How did the Hinckley help set the course for the rest of your career?

The Hinckley led me to apply to graduate school in political science. After grad school, government and politics became my life. And even today, I’m still active in politics and recently attended the Republican National Convention in Cleveland as an alternate delegate. My first convention was as a delegate to the Democrat Convention in San Francisco and in between I attended about seven other conventions for my company. I guess you can say that the bipartisan influence of the Hinckley had something to do with me being both a Democrat and Republican in my lifetime.

Q: What positions have you held that you attribute, in some form, to the Hinckley?

• President, Hinckley Institute, intern forum

• Utah State Democratic Committee

• Utah State Legislature House of Representatives

• Salt Lake City Commission Candidate

• Governor Calvin L. Rampton, fellow, sponsored by the Western States Political Science Association