Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Intern

first, you will need to apply to the Hinckley Institute’s national intern cohort. the “apply now” button will direct you to start an application. You will need to:

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Update your resumé and write a cover letter with why you want to be an intern.
Ask for 2 letters of recommendation from professors or supervisors.
Submit a writing sample, such as a school paper.
Order an official transcript from the University Registrar.

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Research three host offices that you’re interested in.
View National/D.C. host office list.
View all intern offices sorted by discipline.

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Interview with the Hinckley Institute.
There’s no need to be nervous, but it will be a professional interview.

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Research scholarship and loan opportunities.
You might be surprised by how much financial aid is available.

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Meet with your academic advisor and determine how your internship credit should be applied. You’ll need to register for at least 3 credit hours.

After you apply to the national intern Cohort, you will be set up with host office interviews and will need to complete the following:

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Update cover letters to address potential host offices.
Career Services is a helpful resource.

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Accept interview requests and prepare for them.
Make sure to respond to any requests within 24 hours.

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Complete interviews with host offices.
Most of these will be conducted remotely via phone or video call.

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Update and check-in with Gina Shipley on your placement process.

web pathway-10.png

Register for HNKLY credit hours.

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Research and book travel, and review apartment information.
The D.C. Resources and Costs pages provide more info.

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Attend intern orientation at the Hinckley Institute.