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The Hinckley Institute’s globally acclaimed internship programs offer transformative experiences to more than 400 students annually. We pride ourselves on helping interns participate in the causes and campaigns that will solidify their education and provide the real-life experience that employers need.

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We provide exceptional internships for undergraduate and graduate students of all majors and disciplines. We have opportunities for engineers, scientists, artists, architects, and everyone else. Click on the button below to learn about internships in your area of study.


In order to complete a Hinckley internship, you must be a registered student at the University of Utah and register for HNKLY/POLS academic credit during your internship. In order to receive an internship scholarship, you must a matriculated, degree-seeking student. While students who graduate from the University of Utah are also eligible to complete a Hinckley internship during the semester following graduation (or in the fall if they graduated in the spring), they are still required to register for academic credit and are not eligible for scholarship funding. We recommend students interested in interning their senior year defer graduation so that they can qualify for scholarship funding.

In order to increase your competitiveness as an applicant, we strongly recommend that you take our Forum Series Course (HNKLY 3910) in order to hone your writing and public speaking—two skills critical to host offices.