Emily Jardine England


Emily Jardine England graduated from the University of Utah with an Honors degree in English in 2003. She participated in a Hinckley internship in Washington D.C. in the summer of 2002 working in the press office of Senator Robert Bennet. She feels that the opportunity she had to learn about the political process firsthand, and work with Senator Bennett’s Press Secretary was one of the most amazing experiences she had in college.

Reflecting on her experiences with the Hinckley Institute, Jardine England says “I think my favorite Hinckley memory was taking Political Science from Dan Jones my first semester in college. Dan instilled a passion for politics in every student in that classroom…It didn’t take me long to realize that Dan took a special interest in, and mentored, nearly all his students.” Jardine England went on to work for Jones that semester and felt grateful for the extra time he took to mentor her.  

After graduating from the University of Utah, Jardine England went on to Columbia University where she graduated with a Masters Degree in the Secondary Teaching of English in 2007. From there she went on to teach 7th grade English at Northwest Middle school in Salt Lake City. After the birth of her first child, she transitioned to working remotely for Western Governors University, a fully-accredited online university. There she oversaw the evaluation of literature and humanity courses.

Currently, Jardine England is a mom and step-mom to five children and enjoys reading Harry Potter with her daughters and editing her teenagers’ English papers.