August Alumni Spotlight: Matt Jensen

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Matt Jensen is entering into his fourth year of medical school at George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences. Matt credits his internship at the Department of Health and Human services in Washington, DC, for being the "final ticket" getting him into medical school.

Q: Tell us about your Hinckley experiences. 

A: In my final undergraduate semester I completed an internship at the U.S. Deptartment of Health and Human Services in Washington, DC.

 Q: What is your favorite Hinckley memory?

A: One of my favorite memories is renting a car for the weekend with my roommates and driving to Annapolis and into West Virginia to try a Waffle House. We did it to learn more about the local culture in those areas.

Q: How did the Hinckley impact your undergraduate education?

A: My internship broadened my perspective of national affairs and helped me feel confident taking the next steps in my professional goals. 

Q: How did the Hinckley impact your competitiveness for grad school/your career?

A: I think my internship was the final ticket to get me into medical school. After my internship, I was hired by the office so that I could continue some of the work I started as an intern. I took my work from that office and presented it to the program I'm in now and I think that it enabled me to get into the door of my future career.

I am very grateful for the experience provided by the Hinckley Institute.