Governor Simon Bamberger Utah State Policy Scholarship

The Bamberger Utah State Policy Scholarship established at the University of Utah to reward interns serving in state government. The Bamberger Scholarship is funded from the Herbert I. and Elsa B. Michael Foundation. Simon Bamberger, Utah’s fourth governor, was a German-born immigrant who served from 1916-1920. He was a strong advocate for education throughout his public life beginning with service on the Salt Lake City School Board. 

The Bamberger Utah State Policy Scholarship will be awarded each semester to University student interns who especially embody Bamberger’s passion for political research and public service. Students of any academic discipline are eligible to apply. Students are eligible to apply only once for the scholarship.

Past Recipients

2018: Ryan Fairbanks, Olga Hernandez, Connor Davis

2017: Kennedy Williams, Meghan Kundra

2016: Anthony Fratto Oyler, Husna Adan, Shykell Ledford

2015: Timothy Hansen, Zech Haws

2014: Benjamin Mills


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