Stepping Stones International (SSI) is a non-governmental, non-profit organization registered as a 501(c)3 in Utah, but operates as a locally-based African operation in Gaborone Botswana. SSI provides an after school program to 200+ orphans and vulnerable adolescents (ages 12–18+) who have experienced abuse, inconsistent schooling, and/or have been infected or affected by HIV. An important aspect of SSI’s mission is to improve participating teens’ English literacy and thus improve their economic prospects. SSI is working to build and improve Botswana’s developing education system.


Internships are available in Botswana with SSI. The internship is designed to be flexible and involve students in components like research, literacy education, social work, law, business, psychology, and other social issues. Interns are able to tailor their internships to involve one or more of these components.

For interns pursuing a literacy-based internships, they will receive practical experience implementing a research-based reading intervention model (Next Steps or Higher Steps) in an international setting as well as teaching experience with
second language learners. All interns, whatever their focus may be, will be immersed into a different cultural and educational system.

This internship has been orchestrated in conjunction with the College of Education and the University of Utah Reading
Clinic (UURC).


This is an English-speaking internship.


SSI will arrange housing accommodations for interns. Pre-qualified families will house the interns, located close enough to allow interns to walk or take transit for a five- to ten-minute commute to the center. Most of SSI’s families have hosted international students and are familiar with European and American cultural needs.


  • Living Expenses
  • Academic fee: $300
  • University of Utah tuition
  • Airfare


International interns are eligible to apply for the Hinckley Global Scholarship offered through the Hinckley Institute. Information can be found here. The Hinckley Institute also offers a low-interest loan program found here. In addition to funding through the Hinckley Institute, scholarships are available through the Center for Learning Abroad.


Internship dates may vary depending upon location but are based around the academic calendar:

  • Fall Semester: September-December
  • Spring Semester: January-April
  • Summer Semester: May-August


Students are required to register for a minimum of 3 HNKLY credit hours, and a maximum of 12.  International interns are required to submit 4 reflections and 10 weekly updates throughout the semester, as well as, write a final policy paper, which is due four weeks after the end of the semester.  Students can tailor their internship on the topics ofliteracy education, social work, law with UN-funded legal aid, business, psychology and other children and social issues.

Intern candidates pursuing a literacy education experience must complete a pre-internship practicum with the University of Utah Reading Clinic (UURC) in the College of Education. 

Pre-Internship UURC Practica:

EDU 5316 (UURC Next Steps, 1 credit, fall or spring)

EDU 5632 (UURC Next Steps, 3 credits, summer)

EDU 5321 (UURC Higher Steps, 1 credit, fall or spring)

EDU 5644 (UURC Higher Steps, 3 credits, summer)

Tier I Instruction for Improved Fluency and Comprehension (year-long)
   EDU 5651-030/040 undergrad students
   EDU 6651-030/040 grad students 

Tier I Instruction for Improved Word Recognition & Fluency (year-long)
   EDU 5650-030/040 undergrad students
   EDU 6650-030/040 grad students

Once in Botswana, students must complete 3-12 EDU or SPED 5960 credits through the UURC


Students are required to attend a pre-departure orientation, which provides cultural and safety training and explanation of academic requirements. Students also meet with the program manager upon returning from the internship.


Please submit the Hinckley online application before the deadline and then email Global Internship Manager Jean Oh to set up an interview. During the interview you will receive more information on program specifics.