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What Does the World's Largest Robot Have to Do with Mining?

A conversation with Rio Tinto CEO, JS Jacques.

You are invited to enjoy a conversation with J-S Jacques, chief executive of leading mineral and metals company Rio Tinto (more than just a stadium sponsor!).  Rio Tinto is one of the world’s largest mining and metals companies and their products go into every day products from your car, to your IPhone to your skis.   JS recently led Rio Tinto to define its purpose as a company:  As pioneers in mining and metals, we produce materials essential to human progress.”

 JS will share his thoughts on the opportunities and challenges of the future both in his industry and for society as a whole.  What will it mean for the job market of the future as companies like Rio Tinto harness digital power, automation and AI?  How do we re-define and expand our understanding of what it means to work in partnership – between companies and communities, companies and governments and or partners in a supply chain?  What are the essential materials that will be needed to convert the world to clean power sources?  If we know we need more copper, aluminum and lithium – how much should we also be focusing on recycling and “urban mining?”   J-S is challenging Rio Tinto employees across the world to meet questions like these by innovating, collaborating and inspiring each other to think like 21st century pioneers. Join the conversation on how mining and metals can evolve to supply the sustainable products our future demands.

About JS Jacques: JS  is highly respected for his strong executive leadership skills, expertise in leading significant growth projects and thought leadership across a wide range of geopolitical and economic issues . He has led the transformation of the Rio Tinto group, delivering a step-change in both safety and cash performance while reshaping the portfolio to focus on a core of the highest-quality assets. Prior to joining Rio Tinto, JS spent more than 15 years working in various roles across Europe, South East Asia, India and the US for the aluminium, bauxite and steel industries and notably served as group director, Strategy, for Tata Steel Group from 2007 to 2011.

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