2016-2017 Hinckley Ambassadors


Madi Shupe

Madi Shupe was born and raised in Logan, UT, and is now a senior studying business administration. Madi has been involved with the Hinckley Institute since Fall, 2014. She completed an internship in Congressman Stewart's office in Washington, DC, in Spring 2015. Since her congressional internship, Madi has served as a Hinckley Forum Host and Student Ambassador.

Madi loves to travel, ski, and is a giant foodie, always looking for the next best treat. She hopes to continue her education by earning a JD and becoming a practicing

Thulasi seshan

Hi, I'm Thulasi. I'm going into my third year at the U, double majoring in geography and astrophysics. My friends joke that I'm studying the whole world and the whole universe, which accurately sums up my interests. I love reading, debating, Wikipedia, singing, hiking, and frozen yogurt. Politically, I'm very liberal, but I'm always fascinated by hearing other people's views, especially where they differ from mine.


chris coombs

Christopher Coombs is a senior at the University of Utah and currently pursuing a double major in History and Political Science.  As a Utah native, Chris has grown up and remains a loyal member in the Greek Orthodox Church.  His collegiate experience has also been defined by his membership and leadership roles in distinguished groups like the Sigma Chi Fraternity.  As a strong advocate of public service and good government, Chris has served as an Editorial Board Member of the Hinckley Journal of Politics, presented campaign research to the Utah House Republican Caucus, worked on the gubernatorial campaign for Gary Herbert, and finished four Hinckley internships.  In his free time, he enjoys reading, traveling, exercise, and being with his friends.   


danika li

Danika is a junior double majoring in Political Science and Economics, with minors in Business and International Studies. Her family hails from Guangxi, China, and her dual-cultured upbringing is what sparked her interest in global affairs and politics. She spent last year in the President’s Office as a Presidential Ambassador, and will continue to be involved with the university as an ASUU Assembly Member. She also recently returned from a DC Hinckley internship working as a correspondent intern for the Diplomatic Courier. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, playing piano, and traveling. 

christian mickelsen

Christian Mickelsen is entering his fourth year of studies at the University of Utah.  After a short-lived dream of becoming a medical doctor, he changed course at the beginning of 2015, and hasn’t looked back.  He is an Honors Political Science (Public Policy Emphasis) and Economics dual major, with minors in Campaign Management and Leadership Studies.  A lifelong Boy Scout, he has held numerous leadership positions and taught on many leadership courses.  He hopes to utilize his degrees and talents to be a political advisor and consultant in the future.

hans liu

Hans Liu is a sophomore at the University of Utah degree in International Studies and Marketing with a minor in Chinese. Hans’ interest in international affairs was kindled by his boundless curiosity to know what was going around him in the broader world since he was young and by his active involvement in Speech and Debate during high school. Last semester, Hans interned with CCS Refugee Fostercare Services through the Hinckley Institute, where he was greatly humbled by gaining a new awareness of global struggles. Consequently, Hans has a yearning passion for international justice and hopes to pursue a career in International Human Rights Law in the future. In his free time, Hans enjoys staying on the move: playing basketball, tennis, hiking, mountain biking, and skiing whenever he can.

barbara andrade

Hailing from Rio Grade do Sul, Brazil, Barbara Andrade is a senior pursuing a major in political science and a minor in business. Barbara was introduced to the Hinckley Institute her first semester at the University of Utah by attending forums for Professor Chambless' American Government class. Barbara then went on to intern with Congressman Chris Stewart's district office, take several Hinckley classes, serve as a forum host, and intern with Congresswoman Mia Love last summer in Washington, D.C. After returning to Utah, Barbara was hired to work as a staff assistant in Congresswoman Love's district office. Barbara enjoys reading on the beach, indulging in strawberries and Nutella, and running in Utah's beautiful mountains.

Taylor talbot

Taylor Talbot is currently studying Business Marketing with a Political Science minor. Grateful for the opportunities that have been presented to him, Taylor prides himself on a job well done. He is a Superintendent for Hennessy Construction, Inc a local commercial construction company and has interned for the local Legislature as well as the Senate Finance Committee in Washington, DC. In his free time, Taylor loves to exercise and explore his favorite state of Utah through hiking and skiing.