The Hinckley Institute boasts one of the nation’s longest-standing Washington, DC, internship programs, dating back to 1965. 

We provide more than 100 students annually with full-time, paid internships in government institutions, public advocacy groups, and media/consulting firms.

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Students may fly into Reagan National Airport, Dulles Airport, or BWI Airport. From there, you can take a bus from Dulles and Amtrak or Super Shuttle from BWI.  Reagan National is located at a Metro stop, D.C’s subway system.

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Visit the Metro website for a complete listing of Metro fares and pass options, we recommend the weekly pass.


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Renter's Insurance

Students are required to purchase renters insurance in the minimum amounts of $15,000 (contents) and $100,000 (liability) for the time you are living in at the Hinckley housing in Park Place Petworth.  Personal policies in these amounts average $15.00 per month and can be bought online or over the phone.

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Tuition and Fees

All Hinckley Internships are accredited. Students register for 3, 6, 9, or 12 credit hours of HNKLY 4902 (undergraduate) or HNKLY 6922 (graduate). Honors students can also enroll in 3 credit hours of HNKLY 4922 (honors). Permission codes for enrollment will be provided after the placement process. 


Students can see what their tuition costs would look like by consulting the University of Utah Tuition Calculator. 


Students are additionally responsible for paying all fees associated with tuition— including the Hinckley Student Fee ($300). Unlike the vast majority of internship programs, the Hinckley Institute secures host office placement for most students and arranges prospective interviews on your behalf.

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Remember to budget for living expenses in both DC and at home (rent, car payments, etc.). You can also consult the National Internship Cost Calculator.


Park Place Apartments are located at 850 Quincy Street, NW, Washington, DC 20011.  The apartments are next to the Georgia Ave-Petworth Metro Station. They are two-bedroom, two-bathroom units with kitchen, family room, and laundry. Apartments are fully furnished and have kitchen basics. Other amenities include sky deck, wi-fi, and a gym. 

The Hinckley Institute provides utilities and free housing to unpaid interns as well as a scholarship stipend of $400 per month for the duration of the semester. For paid interns, the Hinckley Institute provides pro-rated rent of $450 per month for the duration of the semester.

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Academic Requirements

National interns must complete five assignments during their internship, submit weekly check-ins, and write a policy paper at the culmination of their internship.