The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) / German Academic Exchange Service is a private, publicly funded, self governing organization of higher education institutions in Germany. DAAD promotes international academic relations and cooperation by offering mobility programs primarily for students and faculty, but also for administrators and others in the higher education realm. 

DAAD is the German national agency for the support of international academic cooperation. We offer programs and funding for students, faculty, researchers and others in higher education, providing financial support to over 67,000 individuals per year. We also represent the German higher education system abroad, promote Germany as an academic and research destination, and help build ties between institutions around the world. You can find more information here


The Internship Program is an option for students interested in hands-on research opportunities at a German university of applied sciences.  Internships offered by UAS7 member faculty allow IP participants to work alongside teams in our campus research laboratories and institutes.  In most cases academic credit can be issued for successfully completed internships upon request; appropriate documentation can also be provided for interns seeking co-op rather than academic credit at their home institutions.

Applicants must rank 1-3 projects for which they are interested in being considered.  Ranking more than one project increases the chances of acceptance, but applicants should only rank projects for which they feel they meet the specified qualifications.