Internship Overview

The Institute for Security Policy at Kiel University (ISPK) provides research, analysis and commentary on conflicts and strategic issues. ISPK is committed to furthering the security policy discourse in Germany and abroad by way of focused, interdisciplinary, policy-oriented research. Moreover, the Institute is involved in the promotion of talented, young academics. Complementing research, publications and teaching, members of the Institute advise decision-makers in government, academia, media and business. ISPK’s main research focus lies in German and European foreign and security policy, international security architecture, nonproliferation of nuclear weapons and disarmament, stabilization of fragile states, maritime security, and asymmetric challenges such as transnational terrorism.


Interns are assigned various tasks that include assisting staff with research and writing, and analyzing policies. They will help to plan and coordinate events and conferences and work on special office projects. Interns will also aid in planning meetings, completing administrative work and fulfill other office duties as assigned.