Ghana Jr. High Technology Project is a non-profit organization that provides Internet Based educational resources and instruction. The primary goals of the project are to increase the percentage of students attending school beyond the sixth grade, provide students research based learning activities, increase academic achievement for junior high students, increase the number of junior high graduates pursuing additional education/vocation training, and to provide global resources to classroom teachers to enhance teaching strategies.


The major focus in the Adankwame Village is to provide support for literacy. This is from pre-K through Adult literacy. However, anyone interested in traveling to Ghana could certainly find a β€œfit” for their education major, humanitarian interest and personal passion.

There is currently a Jr. High Technology project in place. A new community library is being built, with an expected completion in September 2018. At that time, the focus will be on refining and possibly extending the technology project and promoting literacy village wide. An intern could be involved in one or both of these projects. For up to 2 high level candidates, a $500 stipend would be offered.

*Literacy development

~ pre-k literacy assessment for determining what resources and literacy model would be effective to implement

~ adult literacy assessment for determining what resources and literacy model would be effective

~ determine literacy programs that could utilize the library space and resources

~ secure community support and collaboration for implementation of literacy projects


~ provide Professional Development to St. Dominic Jr. High teachers

~ assess the need and help provide Professional Development pre-k through upper Primary grades

~ assess the likelihood for success of replicating the Jr. High technology project in the upper primary grades

~ provide seminars, forums or mentoring for students regarding importance of education

*Library Science

~ assist with setting up the Library Advisory Board, circulation/inventory system and sustainability and maintenance plan

~ develop a utilization plan of programs and resources to maximize the use of the library

~ coordinate community support for additional needs to maximize the library effectiveness

*Public Health

~ assess the community health resources and needs

~ develop a proposal of what health resources would be most beneficial to the community

*Integrated Computer Technology

~ assess technology expansion opportunities to St. Dominic Jr. High

~ assess technology opportunities to the primary school

~ assess technology in the library

~ assess technology expansion in the community and a model to sustain it

All areas will include coordinate development of community grant writing skills