Common Questions

How competitive are global internships?

The Hinckley Institute of Politics gives priority to undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines who have prior global and internship experience; a competitive GPA; have taken the Forum Series Course (HNKLY 3910); and/or who demonstrate independence, maturity, and responsibility.

When are global internships offered?

Global internships are offered during the fall, spring, and summer semesters.

How many credit hours can global interns secure?

Students can secure up to 12 credit hours.

Do you have to register for credit?

Students must register for HNKLY credit and can additionally arrange credit with their respective department during the semester of their internship (students may intern one semester after graduation, but they must still register for credit).

Why is there a $300 course fee?

Unlike the vast majority of internship programs, the Hinckley Institute secures host office placement for students. This is a lengthy and intensive process requiring our program managers to strengthen your application, "pitch" your strengths to various organizations, as well as arrange prospective interviews on your behalf. The fee also goes towards intern business cards, the food provided at the internship orientation, mid-semester meetings, and post-internship training.

Does the Hinckley Institute provide housing for global interns?

Students are primarily responsible for finding their own housing (the intern host office may assist with this process).

What else do I need to intern abroad?

Students must obtain a passport and visa to travel.