Internship Overview

The Center for Human Security Studies is a non-profit, non-governmental think tank based in Hyberabad, India. The CHSS aims to undertake studies and analysis on various issues of concern at the national and international level to help develop national security policy. They conduct studies and research in the national and international security, especially as they relate to India. This includes areas of counter terrorism, maritime and aviation security as well as the domestic and external affairs of India. CHSS provides policy recommendations, study courses, conference seminars, lectures as well as maintains a library of information services to facilitate study of national security. They publish various works including newsletters, research papers, books and threat assessment reports.

Internship Description

Interns working with CHSS will conduct research for the think tank and assist the research teams with various projects. The research will be conducted in the areas of international security, international politics, Indian national security, counter terrorism as well as other related areas. Interns may have the opportunity to help write research reports and compile data for the organization.