John & Anne Hinckley Scholarship

The John & Anne Hinckley Scholarship funds an annual scholarship for sophomore and junior students at the University of Utah whose academic and community pursuits promote active citizenship and public service. 


The Hinckley Institute of Politics will award this $2,500 scholarship to an outstanding student who meets the following criteria: 

  • Strong academic standing in any major at the University of Utah

  • Entering Sophomore or Junior year of college

    • (attended at least two semesters at a university or community college)

  • Full-time student who will maintain full-time student status at the University of Utah throughout the upcoming academic year.

  • Demonstrate ongoing commitment to active citizenship and public service.

Application Form

For More Info

If you have specific questions, contact the Hinckley Institute at 801-581-8501 for additional information.

Previous Recipients

2019: Gillian Stucki

2018: Maxton Cline, Connor Davis

2017: Nicholas Cockrell

2016: Taylor Talbot

2015: Maxwell Chaffetz

2014: Trent Giove

2013: Lisa Hawkins

2012: Jacob Chamberlain

2011: Alexander Kojo Abbrem

2010: Ashley Edgette

2009: Ben Dailey

2008: Doug Petersen

2007: Shawn Strong

2006: Marko Mijic

2005: Bryson B. Morgan

2004: Anne Bergstedt, Laura Biddle

2003: Alisia Abegg

2002: Linda Clark

2001: Yelena Ayrapetova, Marie Van Uitert

1999: Rachel Reiser, Monica Kay Shelton

1998: Chaitna Sinha

1993: Delight Roberts

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