Jill Remington Love


Jill Remington Love graduated from the University of Utah in 1984. She holds a BS in Communications and a Master’s of Public Administration.

As a student, Love participated in two Hinckley internships, one in Washington, DC and one with the Kem Gardner Gubernatorial Campaign in Utah.

During her time in Washington, DC, she interned in the field of journalism and had the opportunity to hear from some of the most renowned journalists of the day and to tour national newsrooms. She reflects that meeting and making friends with other students from universities around the country during this time had a lasting impact on her life.

Love credits the Hinckley Institute for giving her the opportunity to have real world experiences and connecting her to mentors who have helped her throughout her career. Love says, “As a result of the relationships I made as an intern, I was offered a job. That job experience strengthened my application for graduate school, and really shaped the direction my career would take”. 

Jill went on to work for many of the most influential elected representatives in Salt Lake City including Salt Lake City Mayors Ted Wilson, Palmer DePaulis, and Ralph Becker. She has also served 12 years on the Salt Lake City Council. In this capacity, she was elected to Council leadership a number of times and served as the President of the Utah League of Cities and Towns. She is the recipient of the 2015 Eleanor Roosevelt Award from the Democratic Party, and the Alumni Achievement Award from the Department of Communications at the University of Utah (2012).

Today she serves as the executive director for the Department of Heritage and Arts.