June 2017 Alumni Spotlight: Anthony Fratto Oyler


Anthony graduated in 2017 with degrees in chemical engineering and political science. He participated with the Hinckley Institute through multiple internships and classes, the Hinckley Journal of Politics and much more . We're excited for his future. Lear more about Anthony in the interview below.

Q: How did the Hinckley impact your undergraduate education?

I got a lot of hands on experience thanks to the Hinckley Institute. The organization helped me to bridge passions in both engineering and political science. For example, I worked in law and consulting firms, as well as state and federal government offices, allowing me to see the intersections between chemical engineering and policy.

Additionally, my application to graduate school definitely stood out from others due to the multitude of leadership positions, internship experiences, and the proper combination of two different subjects in a variety of jobs. I truly believe a University is supposed to allow students to become knowledgable in a variety of subjects and learn how to bridge together two fields that are generally viewed as separate. The Hinckley allowed me to do just that.

Q: What is your favorite Hinckley memory?

I have a lot of amazing memories with the Hinckley. Whether it be working with Lisa Hawkins on the Journal, touring Boston with Max Chaffetz and Kirk Jowers, or living in D.C. with the best people. 

But, by far, I will always remember my first significant encounter with the Hinckley. I had just gotten back from studying abroad and had been selected as the new co-editor of the Journal and former Director Kirk Jowers wanted to meet with me. Rather than a typical office meeting like I expected, he threw on some tennis shoes and we walked all around the University campus for an hour as he asked about my passions and goals. I felt that I found an organization that would not only push me to do better, but actively ensured I got everything out of my University experience. More so, it indicated what kind of organization the Hinckley was: a place where the director would take an hour out of his day to personally get to know a student.

Q: What experiences have you had because of the Hinckley?

  • Hinckley Journal Editorial Board (2013-2014)

  • Hinckley Local Intern (Fall 2014) Workman & Nydegger Law Firm

  • Hinckley Harvard Campaign Ambassador (2014-2015)

  • Hinckley Journal Co-Editor (2014-2015)

  • Ambassador Price Think Tank (Fall 2014)

  • Hinckley D.C. Intern (Summer 2015) Bureau of Land Management

  • One of Hinckley's Truman nominees (2016)

  • Hinckley Local Intern (Summer 2016) Utah Governors Office of Energy Development

  • Matheson Scholarship Recipient (2016-2017)

  • Hinckley Global Intern (Spring 2017) Susitneo Consulting in Dublin, Ireland