Hinckley Interns function as support staff to aid legislators during the spring semester of each year. An intern may be asked to track legislation, write speeches, attend committee meetings, research issues, and analyze bills. Hinckley interns at the Utah State Legislature must adapt to a rigorous work schedule, take initiative in planning and organizing, and develop an effective working relationship with legislators. The Utah State Legislature Internship program offers students unparalleled access to the Utah legislative process. Interns serve as full-time staff to legislators, lobbyists, and the media during the 45-day legislative session that begins in late January and work on a part-time basis in the weeks preceding the start of the session. Legislative interns are not able to take other classes during this session due to the full-time work schedule. Each legislative intern is paid $2,775 by the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel. State legislative interns represent the University of Utah and the Hinckley Institute of Politics, and therefore, the highest conduct is expected.

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in applying as a freshman, you must first take our Forum Series Course (POLS 3910) in order to hone your writing and public speaking—two skills critical to success in a legislative internship.


State legislative interns will receive extensive training while working part-time the two weeks preceding the start of the session. The sessions are designed to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for an effective internship. Jerry Howe of the Utah State Legislature Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel and former Utah Senator Pat Jones assist in the training.


Complete the electronic application. You will be required to upload:

  • Current Resume
  • Cover Letter (explaining why you feel this experience will benefit your academic and career pursuits).
  • Writing Sample (4-5 pages from a research paper on any topic).
  • 2-4 Letters of Recommendation (with at least one coming from a professor and past employer).
  • Official University of Utah Transcript obtained from the Registrar’s Office (250 SSB).

Spring 2019

Deadline: October 22, 2018

Out of all three of my internships through the Hinckley, I enjoyed my legislative internship at the Capitol the most. This internship has been the best experience in my college career. I’ve made many connections, friends, and have learned a lot about myself.
— Michelle Doong, Economics Major