The Hinckley Institute sends around 200 students each year to the most prestigious organizations on the Wasatch Front. Internships are available all semesters and open to students of all majors.

  • Students apply to the Hinckley Institute program and are then interviewed by the program director.

  • After you are accepted into the Hinckley internship program, we send your application to the host offices you are interested in.

  • Once you are placed in an office, you will work with your supervisor to arrange a work schedule. Most host offices are flexible with scheduling and understand that students are juggling a class and work schedule.  

    • We recommend you arrange your schedule so that you are interning for four-to-six-hour blocks several days per week.

  • Students must register for at least three hours of course credit to participate. HNKLY classes are subject to standard tuition rates.  Students can calculate their tuition costs here.

    • Graduate, honors and CEL credit available.


Spring 2020

Congressional deadline: September 15, 2019

Final Deadline: October 15, 2019

Summer 2020

Final Deadline: February 15, 2020

* You may only apply to one program (Global, DC, or Local) per semester. Please meet with us if you want help choosing.

Step-by-Step Guide to Becoming an Intern

first, you will need to apply to the Hinckley Institute’s local intern cohort. the “apply now” button will direct you to start an application. You will need to:

web pathway-01.png

Update your resumé and write a cover letter with why you want to be an intern.
Ask a professor or supervisor for a letter of recommendation.
Submit a writing sample, such as a school paper.
Order an official transcript from the University Registrar.

web pathway-02.png

Research three host offices that you’re interested in.
View local host office list.
View all intern offices sorted by discipline.

web pathway-03.png

Interview with the Hinckley Institute.
There’s no need to be nervous, but it will be a professional interview.

web pathway-04.png

Research scholarship and loan opportunities.
You might be surprised by how much financial aid is available.

web pathway-05.png

Meet with your academic advisor and determine how your internship credit should be applied. You’ll need to register for at least 3 credit hours.

After you apply to the local intern Cohort, you will be set up with host office interviews and will need to complete the following:

web pathway-06.png

Attend interview training.
You’ll receive an email with more details.

web pathway-07.png

Accept interview requests and prepare for them.
Make sure to respond to any requests within 24 hours.

web pathway-08.png

Complete interviews with host offices.
Most of these will be at the host offices. If you are out-of-state or abroad, they can be conducted remotely via phone or video call.

web pathway-09.png

Update and check-in with Morgan Lyon Cotti on your placement process.

web pathway-10.png

Register for HNKLY credit hours.

web pathway-11.png

Arrange your internship schedule.
Work with your host office to establish your schedule, make sure it works with your academic calendar and the needs of the office.

web pathway-12.png

Attend intern orientation at the Hinckley Institute.

Credit HoursRequired Internship Hours Per Week
3At least 10 hours
6At least 18 hours
9At least 27 hours
12At least 36 hours


Students must register for at least three hours of course credit to participate. HNKLY classes are subject to standard tuition rates.  Students can calculate their tuition costs here. (Graduate, Honors, and CEL credit available).


No. Hinckley Internships are open to students of all majors and disciplinesClick here to see all of our internships listed by major/discipline. We also encourage students to secure thier own internships


Complete the online application (view the process here). You will be required to upload:

  • Current Resume

  • Cover Letter (explaining why you feel this experience will benefit your academic and career pursuits).

  • Writing Sample (4 pages demonstrating your best writing – don’t write something new)

  • One Letter of Recommendation (can come from an academic or professional source).

  • Official University of Utah Transcript obtained from the Registrar’s Office or request via CIS.



The Hinckley Institute of Politics seeks to secure internships for all students who demonstrate independence, maturity, and responsibility. We can place and have substantive internships for all students – from incoming freshmen to graduate students.



Unlike the vast majority of internship programs, the Hinckley Institute secures host office placement for students. This is a lengthy and intensive process requiring our program managers to strengthen your application, "pitch" your strengths to various organizations, as well as arrange prospective interviews on your behalf.

Local Internship Opportunities

These links will direct you to the website of the respective office. Please explore their website to learn more about the organization. If you have questions about an internship description for a specific office, please contact the Hinckley Institute.

In general, Hinckley Interns perform research, assist with event planning and execution, conduct analytical writing, and participate in various other tasks in an office setting.