March Alumni Spotlight: Mick Summers


Mick Summer is is a Data Analyst for the Republican National Committee

Year of graduation: 2017

Hinckley Experience: 

I was lucky enough to participate in almost everything the Hinckley has to offer. I interned with the Utah House of Representatives for former Rep. Mel Brown, the Senate Finance Committee in D.C. with the Tax and Trade teams, the European Union with the EPP Group on the U.S. Delegation and Foreign Affairs Committee, and I was a participant in Ambassador Price’s Think Tank regarding Africa.

What is your favorite Hinckley Memory? 

Honestly, this question is difficult to answer. The Hinckley gave me so many wonderful memories that it is hard to choose just one. I’ve been able to assist in writing language for bills in Utah that were eventually passed, I’ve been able to draft memos and even co-author a resolution at the EU, and I’ve been able to listen in on discussions about the national budget by the staff that make it all happen. I was in Brussels the day Brexit happened, I have been able to present to a former U.S. Ambassador, and I’ve been able to shake hands with both Senators from our state. How could anyone pick just one?

How has the Hinckley Institute impacted your life? 

The Hinckley changed my life completely. I was a [high school] senior that had no idea what to do after leaving college, and I hadn’t put forth the effort or diligence that I was capable of. The Hinckley taught me the power of communication, the art of professionalism, and the importance of doing simple tasks extremely well. The Hinckley gave me the chance to practice and replicate success and it is something that has stayed with me, even after graduating. I spent years walking by the Hinckley office thinking to myself, “They’d never want someone like me”. I’ve learned that if you never count yourself out of anything, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish.