Matt Holton


Matt Holton graduated from the University of Utah in 2010—majoring in Political Science and participating in three internships. 

After an internship with the White House, he secured an internship with Senator Orrin Hatch’s office. An eager and ambitious student, Holton decided to participate in a third internship through the Hinckley Institute’s Legislative Intern program. During the 2010 Legislative session, he interned for House Majority Whip Brad Dee.  

Reflecting on his time as an undergraduate, Holton remembers feeling inspired at the Hinckley Institute. A particular forum stands out in his mind where he witnessed elected officials openly debate policy proposals. He noted how they dove into the details, debated both sides of the issue, involved student input, and incorporated lessons learned into the final framework of the proposed policy. He felt that this instance reflected the convening power of the Hinckley Institute and also demonstrated for students the broader lesson of how each individual can not only engage, but also have an impact on public policy. 

When examining the impact the Hinckley Institute had on his life, Holton said, “The time you spend at a University is full of forks in the road and highly impactful decisions. It’s never an easy endeavor to fully dedicate yourself to a specific path, not knowing if you made the right decision. Along the way, through a series of self-doubt, the Hinckley Institute and its staff was ever present to act as a mentor through this very impactful time in my life. The Hinckley encouraged me to keep my eyes and heart wide open to the many possibilities that life may bring. They also encouraged me to expose myself to as many opportunities as possible and during that process, opportunity may present itself. That opportunity came as a job in Washington, D.C. to work for a member of the Utah delegation, an opportunity that forever changed my life. If it wasn’t for the supportive staff at the Hinckley Institute, I would never have had the opportunities or vision that prepared me for what is now a fulltime career that I thoroughly enjoy.”

Today Matt Holton resides in Utah and enjoys a promising career with Rio Tinto as the Senior Advisor of External Affairs.