October Alumni Spotlight: Dr. Jennifer Robinson

Jenn Robinson.JPG

Jennifer Robinson is currently working as the associate director of the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute. With a solid committment to both scholarship and practice, Dr. Robinson works to ensure that research contributes to informed public policy.

While a student at the University of Utah, Dr. Robinson completed multiple Hinckley internships, including one in the Office of the Vice President in the White House.

Q: What is your favorite Hinckley memory?

While I was working in the Vice President's office I got to take my my mother on a tour of the White House. We ended the tour in the Rose Garden and I was able to play catch with "Buddy" - the Clinton's dog.

Q: How did the Hinckley impact your competitiveness for your career?

I feel so fortunate to be a Hinckley alumni.  I was able to intern with Vice President Gore’s office during my senior year – and came back to SLC having gained a deeper appreciation for public service.  I jumped right into my own career after coming home and looking back after nearly 20 years, I’m even more appreciative of my time as a Hinckley Intern.