October Alumni Spotlight: Geoffrey Fattah

Fattah Mug1.jpg

Geoffrey Fattah graduated from the University of Utah in 1994 with a BA in communications and minor in French. As an undergraduate student, Fattah worked as an ABC News intern in Washington, DC. While there, he worked with news magazine Prime Time Live, ABC News1, and the Sunday show This Week with David Brinkley.

Fattah explains that being a Hinckley intern broadened his mind to his own potential and his experience with ABC News confirmed his career goals and help him focus his efforts to achieve them.

When asked about his internship experience, Fattah recalled a few notable memories. “I remember spending the day at the White House with the Washington press corps. President Clinton held a joint press conference with the Prime Minister of Ireland, and I got to see how they gathered the information and reported.”

Additionally, Fattah had the incredible opportunity to see President Clinton’s State of the Union address at the U.S. Capitol. Fattah recounts that, “Witnessing the intersection of the press with top government was fascinating.”

Fattah returned to the University of Utah on a teaching fellowship in 2008. He taught journalism as an Associate Professor and received his MA in Communication with an emphasis in public/press access to the courts.

Fattah continues to use his expertise in his current role as the Communications Director for the Utah State Courts.