Mark Webber


Mark Webber graduated cum laude from the University of Utah in 1983 after majoring in both marketing and finance. Webber became involved with the Hinckley Institute when he participated in a Washington, DC, internship in the summer of 1982.

His internship focused on the business community and his role including meeting and becoming familiar with government agencies that assisted business. He met with various government agencies and business associated and had to opportunity to hear from and speak with various business leaders. Among many of the memorable experiences from this time, one was meeting with Richard T. Pratt, who was at that time Chairman of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. Pratt was a fellow Utahn and a fan of the University of Utah as well as the Hinckley Institute. Webber remembers being warmly welcomed into his office and enjoying a one on one visit. Another impactful memory that had a lasting influence on Webber was meeting Douglas Fraser, then President of the United Auto Workers Associated. Fraser told his young visitor that, although he was happily married, he and his wife only agreed on issues about 70% of the time, and that this was to be expected of all relationships. He said he could not expect to agree any more than that with his auto workers. Webber held on to this advice saying,“I’ve always remembered that statement and realized I’ll probably never make everyone happy, but that’s not a reason to not move forward.”

His time in Washington, DC, had additional lasting impacts as he was impressed by the credentials his peers and supervisors held. It seemed to him that everyone had a law degree or some other advanced degree. It appeared that an advanced degree was a minimal standard for working in Washington. This motivated Webber to pursue a law degree and get further education. Although he does not practice law today, he is grateful for this influence and felt the additional education was a positive impact.

Reflecting on his time a Hinckley Intern, Webber says, “My internship broadened my perspective and gave me greater insight into diversity of thought, culture, and people. The people we dealt with in Washington, DC seemed well-read, highly educated, and strongly motivated. They were up-to-date on current issues and trends. That atmosphere motivated me to further broaden my perspective and to pursue further education.”

Today, Webber serves as the Vice President and State Manager of First American Title Insurance Company.