Useful Preparatory Courses to Internships

Local and Legislative Internships

POLS 3030: State and Local Politics

POLS 3960: Civil Society and American Democracy 

National Internships

POLS 3110: U.S. Congress

POLS 3120: Political Parties

POLS 3150: American Presidency

POLS 3170: Interest Groups

POLS 3390: Intro to Public Policy Analysis

POLS 5100: Advanced American National Government

Global Internships


POLS 3410: European Politics

POLS 3480: East European Politics

POLS 3620: United Nations


POLS 3450 Politics in China

POLS 5960 U.S.-China Relations

Latin America

POLS 5400: Comparative Political Institutions

POLS 5600: Democracy in Latin America


POLS 5460: International Relations of Africa