Ed Meier Jr.


Ed Meier Jr. graduated from the University of Utah in 2006 receiving a BS in both Economics and Political Science. During his time as a student he participated in two Hinckley internships. In the spring of 2005 he was a legislative intern lobbying with the Utah Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (UADCL). Then, in the summer of 2005, he traveled to Washington, DC to intern with the lobbying firm Policy Impact Strategic Communications. He also was one of the very first students to complete a Campaign Management Minor through the Hinckley Institute, he served on the board of the Hinckley Journal of Politics, and remembers attending many speaking events in the old Hinckley Forum room.

One of Meier’s favorite internship memories is from when he was lobbying for the UADCL. A bill that was before the Senate Judiciary Committee came up for public comment and the UADCL’s representative was unable to attend. So, with very short notice, Meier was asked to testify on their behalf. Despite his nerves, he had been following this particular bill for a while and knew the issues, so he was able to effectively convey UADCL’s objections and earn the legislators’ consideration. 

When remembering the impact his internships had on his undergraduate education, Meier said, “I learn best by seeing and doing, versus the tradition classroom and book instruction. The hands-on aspect of learning how policy is made and seeing how a bill becomes a law was the most effective component of my undergraduate education. I learned so much about negotiation dispute resolution, composure and candor the has stuck with me to this day. I also learned that a single passionate individual can make an enormous differences that affects a great number of people. More importantly, the Hinckley Institute instilled a value of civic duty in me and showed me how important it is to give back.”

He also credits members of the Hinckley Institute staff and professors with having a profound impact on his undergraduate education. Dave Buhler, Dan Jones, Kirk Jowers, and Tim Chambless all made a lasting impact with their mentorship and instruction. 

Today, Meier is the Senior Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis at Intersect ENT, Inc. He is also proud to serve on two non-profit boards in the San Francisco Bay Area. One is the San Francisco Giants Community Fund Lab which is the philanthropic arm of the baseball team and promotes outdoor education for over 24,000 kids in the three states. The other is the Guardsmen, which after 72 years of operation, continues to raise money to send over 2,500 at-risk youth to summer camps and provides over 250 scholarships each year. His sense of civic duty continues to persist as well and Meier served as a poll inspector in 2018.