The Hinckley Institute & the University of Utah's Four Strategic Goals

Promote Student Success to Transform Lives

Opportunities for all students

A Hinckley internship is a unique academic opportunity that empowers undergraduate and graduate students of all disciplines to step out of the classroom and gain real-world experience—along with academic credit. The Hinckley Institute of Politics places more than 300 students every year in local, state, national, and global internships. Click here to view host offices by discipline.

Placement Support

Unlike most internship programs where students are required to set up their own internships, the Hinckley Institute draws on its hundreds of prestigious host office contacts to secure students the best fit. Our program managers work tirelessly to strengthen and distribute every internship application and we continually work with students to establish new host office opportunities.


The Hinckley Institute boasts one of the nation's longest-standing DC internship programs, dating back to 1965. Most university-run Washington, DC, internship programs charge students thousands of dollars to participate in their programs. The Hinckley Institute, however, has forged a program where a student’s financial status should not inhibit his or her ability to serve.  Accordingly, the Hinckley interest guarantees students a national leading MINIMUM scholarship of approximately $850/month to cover living expenses. In addition, the Hinckley Institute heavily subsidizes housing costs. (Total rent cost is $800/month, the HIP covers $400/month and charges the student $400/month). National interns are also eligible for low-interest loan funding. 


Most global internship programs are fielded through private entities, which dramatically increases the price point. The Hinckley Institute forges independent ties with host offices across the globe in order to keep global internships affordable for students. Global interns are also eligible for scholarship and low-interest loan funding. 

Develop and Transfer New Knowledge

Hands on Experience and Research Opportunities

The Hinckley Institute of Politics internship program is designed to help students connect academic studies from all majors to practical work experience in the areas of government, politics, non-profit work, and current affairs. Internships will allow students to develop professional skills, gain hands-on experience, and evaluate career opportunities. Ultimately, students will gain a greater understanding of how their academic field intersects with policy by experiencing the workings of politically related organizations locally, nationally, or internationally. Each internship culminates with intensive policy research related to the student's internship. Additionally, the Hinckley Institute publishes the Hinckley Journal of Politics, the only undergraduate-run journal of politics in the nation. The Hinckley Journal of Politics provides students the opportunity to publish their undergraduate research and provides publishing experience to its student editors and editorial board.

Engage Communities to Improve Health and Quality of Life


The Hinckley Institute is deeply involved in the local community. Each year, the Hinckley sends approximately 130 students to a wide variety of campaign, government, and non-profit organizations in the Salt Lake City area. In addition to our robust local program, the Hinckley Institute is engaged within the local community through initiatives including Real Women Run, the U.N. Women's Utah Chapter, the annual Huntsman Seminar for Teachers, Youth Voting Initiative, and Count My Vote. 

Nationally and globally, Hinckley interns have contributed thousands of hours of work to more than 500 non-profits, governments, and communities thereby helping to shape change in the public health, education, government, social, and business sectors. 

Ensure the Long-Term Viability of the University

The Hinckley Institute of Politics assures the long-term stature of the University of Utah by ensuring students not only graduate in a timely manner, but graduate with outstanding work experience. This allows university students who have participated with the Hinckley to be well prepared for a competitive job market. Former Hinckley Interns go on to become local and national leaders, prestigious academics, successful lawyers, catalysts for social change, and engaged members of their communities—frequently giving back to the University of Utah through critical mentorships and donations. Alumni data dating back to 1965 shows that 10% of Hinckley alumni will run for political office. Even more will go on to leadership roles within the university and community which ensures the long-term viability of the university.