Student Staff

2018-2019 Nicholas Cockrell and Pedro Padilla

2019 Abigail Barney and Gabriela Villalobos

Student staff duties include mentoring and advising students, assisting with Hinckley programming and administrative tasks, aiding in forums and events, leading and participating in outreach initiatives, and other duties as assigned.

There is a time commitment of 15-30 hours a week and we are flexible with your class schedule. Pay rate starts at $10/hour. 

2018 Spring Student Ambassadors with Representative Ben McAdams

2018 Spring Student Ambassadors with Representative Ben McAdams

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors play a key role in Hinckley outreach and marketing to students and the campus community. They attend meetings every other week, some of which  include networking meetings with campus, community, business, and political leaders where students will develop leadership skills. Ambassadors provide students the opportunity to engage in and help plan special Hinckley Institute events and programming. This position requires a time commitment of 2-4 hours a week and will receive $10/hour. Semester or year length commitments will vary based on position. 

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2018 Spring Student Forum Host, Anne Marie Bitter

2018 Spring Student Forum Host, Anne Marie Bitter

Student Forum hosts

Student Forum Hosts act as the face of the Hinckley Institute during each of the many Hinckley forums throughout the semester. They establish connections and interact with influential thought leaders, politicians, authors, and professors from around the country. Hosts also develop public speaking abilities as they present information to large groups of people. The time commitment is 2-5 hours a week for the duration of the semester and payment is $15 per forum. 

These unique experiences prepares and qualifies students for future work opportunities as they gain valuable and marketable experience in higher education and civic engagement. In addition, students will have the opportunity to work closely with Hinckley Institute staff.

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Student Editorial Board

Each year between 12-15 students are selected to serve on the Journal’s editorial board. Students help review, debate, and select the submissions to be published in the upcoming edition. This is a rich opportunity to see firsthand how an academic journal works and to participate in the process.

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